Gyeongsik Moon and Heewon Kim received the prize of 27th Samsung Humantech Paper Awards.

Gyeongsik Moon won a silver prize within the category of ‘Computer Science & Engineering’, and the title of the paper is “Positional Pose-Guided Rotational Pose Prediction for Expressive 3D Human Pose and Mesh Estimation”. It aims to predict expressive whole-body 3D human pose and shape from a single RGB image.
Heewon Kim received a bronze prize within the category of ‘Signal Processing’, and the title of the paper is “Searching for Controllable Image Restoration Networks”.

The Humantech Paper Award has been awarded annually to the best papers’ authors with the purpose of encouraging Korean students to do research in science and technology. In this year, 1991 papers are submitted and only 116 papers are selected for the prize.
The recipients of the 27th Samsung Humantech Paper Awards are listed below.
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