Google has announced that a total of 53 people were selected for the “2020 Google Ph.D. Fellowship Recipients” program at universities. Among 53 recipients around the world, two Ph.D. students Gyeongsik Moon (Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision) from Seoul National University and Taesik Gong (Machine Perception) from KAIST won the fellowship program in Korea.

Since 2009, the Google Ph.D. Fellowship program annually finds and supports graduate students with excellent research achievements and promising future related to computer science. More than 600 people have been selected so far. The recipients will be invited to the annual Global Summit on the Mountain View campus to share Google’s latest research, internship opportunities, and time to discuss and communicate with Google researchers with expertise feedback.

Gyeongsik said, “I have been researching 3D human pose and shape estimation. It is glad to see that Google has recognized my achievements.” He also mentioned that “We’re going to expand the field of research into restoring the entire human body in 3D space including faces, hands, hair, and even clothing. We also have a plan to expand the topic into human action recognition and human-understanding computer vision.”

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