Professor Kyoung Mu Lee has been awarded ‘the Hong-jo Medal of Merit Award’ from the Ministry of Science and ICT on April 21st, 2020.

The Ceremony of 2020 Science and ICT Day was held at the Korean Science and Technology Center, hosted and supervised by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST), and the Korea Federation of ICT Organizations (KFICT).

The award has been established to promote the morale of engineers and researchers in science and ICT areas.

Professor Kyoung Mu Lee has been awarded for his contribution to leading the academic development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Korea and contributing to the national competitiveness and status through the successful hosting of ICCV2019 (International Conference on Computer Vision 2019), which is one of the best international conferences in the field of AI.

Minister Kiyoung Choi appreciated the award and gave a big hand to winners for their great efforts, which have been contributed to developing the Korean industry and technology. He also said that “The government would do the best to prepare for a digital society, create new industries and jobs, and take a leading role in bio&medicine to promote the health and happiness of mankind.”