Invited Talk: Prof. C.-C Jay Kuo

Prof. C.-C Jay Kuo gave an invited talk on July 1st (Monday). Presenter: Prof. C.-C Jay Kuo Title: Interpretable Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) via Feedforward Design Abstract: Given a convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture, its network parameters are...

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Invited Talk: Prof. Konstantinos G. Derpanis

Prof. Konstantinos G. Derpanis gave an invited talk on June 28th (Friday). Presenter: Prof. Konstantinos G. Derpanis Title: Who killed the domain expert? Abstract: It has been said that deep learning has eliminated the need for the domain expert. While the advent of...

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We moved to a new lab!

We moved to a new lab! With Prof. Bohyung Han joining SNU CVLab, we settled in a new student office. Our new polished lab is renovated with a comfortable atmosphere....

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