Subgraph Matching Using Compactness Prior for Robust Feature Correspondence


Yumin Suh
Kamil Adamczewski
Kyoung Mu Lee


Feature correspondence plays a central role in various computer vision applications. It is widely formulated as a graph matching problem due to its robust performance under challenging conditions, such as background clutter, object deformation and repetitive patterns. A variety of fast and accurate algorithms have been proposed for graph matching. However, most of them focus on improving the recall of the solution while rarely considering its precision, thus inducing a solution with numerous outliers. To address both precision and recall feature correspondence should rather be formulated as a subgraph matching problem. This paper proposes a new subgraph matching formulation which uses a compactness prior, an additional constraint that prefers sparser solutions and effectively eliminates outliers. To solve the new optimization problem, we propose a meta-algorithm based on Markov chain Monte Carlo. By constructing Markov chain on the restricted search space instead of the original solution space, our method approximates the solution effectively. The experiments indicate that our proposed formulation and algorithm significantly improve the baseline performance under challenging conditions when both outliers and deformation noise are present.






Yumin Suh, Kamil Adamczewski and Kyoung Mu Lee, "Subgraph Matching Using Compactness Prior for Robust Feature Correspondence", Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2015. Bibtex