Graph Matching via Sequential Monte Carlo


Yumin Suh
Minsu Cho
Kyoung Mu Lee


Graph matching is a powerful tool for computer vision and machine learning. In this paper, a novel approach to graph matching is developed based on the sequential Monte Carlo framework. By constructing a sequence of intermediate target distributions, the proposed algorithm sequentially performs a sampling and importance resampling to maximize the graph matching objective. Through the sequential sampling procedure, the algorithm effectively collects potential matches under one-to-one matching constraints to avoid the adverse efect of outliers and deformation. Experimental evaluations on synthetic graphs and real images demonstrate its higher robustness to deformation and outliers.

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ECCV 2012 paper


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Yumin Suh, Minsu Cho and Kyoung Mu Lee, "Graph Matching via Sequential Monte Carlo", Proc. of European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2012. Bibtex